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Municipality to begin implementation of Asset Management System Policy

(Fort McMurray, AB – April 30, 2019) – On April 23, 2019, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s (RMWB) Council unanimously voted to approve the Asset Management System Policy. Developing a comprehensive asset management system is a strategic priority and part of the RMWB’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

“Having a better understanding of the use and life of our assets will allow the Municipality to ensure we are investing in the assets that deliver our most critical services to the region.” says Matthew Hough, Director of Engineering at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. “The Asset Management System Policy will allow the Municipality to improve the capital and operating planning processes and our understanding of critical infrastructure. It aims to increase the transparency and consistency associated with making investments in municipal infrastructure.”

With Council’s approval, the Municipality is now able to implement this new program within the organization. Service areas and departments that will be involved in this process include: Transportation, Fleet & Transit, Parks, Underground Services, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment. and Facilities. Teams will begin by documenting the levels of service, collecting asset information, identifying critical assets and developing risk management strategies.

 “Asset management is an evolutionary process; it will take years to achieve an advanced level of management. This will require an integrated approach between every department in the organization,” says Matthew Hough.


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