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To assist winter maintenance, please do not park on the street


(Fort McMurray, AB – April 1, 2020) – Residents who have access to alternative parking options are asked to not park their vehicle on the street to allow for winter maintenance on roads in Fort McMurray. All Winter Maintenance Zones (WMZ) will continue to be relaxed, which means vehicles parked on residential streets will not be ticketed or towed, but a reduction in on-street parking will create more room for crews to work, helping them complete maintenance safely and efficiently. Resident cooperation is greatly appreciated.

With warmer weather expected in the next 5-7 days, crews will be focusing on removing snow in targeted areas, minimizing build up at residential intersections and preparing roads for spring weather. Crews will also be removing snow in back alleyways where curbside collection is scheduled. Residents are asked to follow the Roads and Transportation Bylaw No. 02/079 and not park vehicles in alleyways. Doing so will block access and prevent maintenance activities from taking place.

For everyone’s safety, please do not approach equipment on the roadway and exercise caution where maintenance is happening. Motorists are advised to follow road equipment from a safe stopping distance and to allow space for visibility.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available and keep up to date on the status of WMZs by using the following information sources:

  • Signing up for WMZ email alerts at rmwb.ca/snowplow
  • Watching for updates on the electronic variable signage at the entrance of each neighbourhood
  • Checking the banner at the top of the municipal website
  • Contacting Pulse at 780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse

Learn about the WMZ program, public engagement, on-street parking restrictions, FAQs and more at rmwb.ca/snowplow.

For information about the Municipal response to COVID-19, including service changes, visit rmwb.ca/covid19.



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