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Winter Maintenance Zones active: January 6 – 10

(Fort McMurray, AB – January 2, 2020) – All Winter Maintenance Zones and Subzones will be active for the week of Jan. 6 – 10.

This means that winter maintenance on-street parking restrictions will be in effect in all subzones as marked on posted signage along residential streets. Please plan ahead for parking and let your neighbours know your subzone is active to avoid being ticketed and towed. 

It’s easy for residents to find their zone and subzone by checking the signage along their residential street or by using the Find Your Zone tool at rmwb.ca/wmz.

Stay tuned for regular updates every Friday during the winter season and keep up to date on the status of Winter Maintenance Zones (WMZ) by utilizing the following information sources:

  • Signing up for WMZ email alerts at rmwb.ca/snowplow
  • Watching for updates on the electronic variable signage at the entrance of each neighbourhood
  • Checking the banner at the top of the municipal website
  • Following the RMWB on Facebook and Twitter
  • Contacting Pulse at 780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse  

In an effort to increase transparency and keep residents informed on the progress of snow removal on residential streets in Fort McMurray, the municipality has launched a WMZ progress map. Once crews finish removing snow from a residential street, the map will be updated to highlight that snow removal has been completed on the street. Residents may access the WMZ progress map at rmwb.ca/snowplow.

WMZ program overview:

  • All residential neighborhoods have been divided into five Winter Maintenance Zones, one for each weekday. The posted signage on residential streets has the day of the week when winter maintenance MAY occur on the particular street.  
  • Each Winter Maintenance Zone is broken down further into four subzones WMZ-1, WMZ- 2, WMZ-3, and WMZ-4. Its important residents know their subzone and the day of the week winter maintenance may occur on their street.
  • Throughout the WMZ season from Oct. 15 to April 15, WMZ subzones may be activated or relaxed depending on the need for winter maintenance. Typically, when subzones are activated, others will be relaxed to allow more flexibility for on-street parking. 
  • If a subzone is activated, there will be on-street parking restrictions in effect from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of the week winter maintenance happens on the street.
  • If a subzone is relaxed, on-street WMZ parking restrictions are NOT in effect and vehicles can park on the street without being ticketed or towed. Please watch for other posted signage as other parking restrictions may apply.

Residents are responsible for complying with parking regulation as set out in the Roads and Transportation Bylaw No. 02/079. Vehicles parked in active WMZs impede snow removal and could be ticketed or towed. Parking tickets and towing fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

For everyone’s safety, please do not approach equipment on the roadway and exercise caution where maintenance is happening. Motorists are advised to follow road equipment from a safe stopping distance and to allow space for visibility.

Learn about the WMZ program, on-street parking restrictions, maps, FAQs and more at rmwb.ca/snowplow.

For further information, residents can connect with Pulse at 780-743-7000, toll free 1-800-973-9663 or online at rmwb.ca/pulse.

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