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Hot Works

Hot Works Permit (2020)


The following conditions apply to permits issued for the conduct of hot works, involving open flames or production of heat or sparks, including, without being limited to: cutting, welding, soldering, brazing, grinding, adhesive bonding, thermal spraying and pipe thawing.

A hot works permit is required for the conduct of anyone or all the above noted hot works outside of a work area specifically dedicated and approved to be used for such activity:

Except as noted otherwise below, hot works shall conform to CSA W117.2 Safety in Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes.

  • Hot works shall only be performed by personnel trained in the safe use of equipment in conformance with Division B, Section 5.2 of the National Fire Code Alberta Edition.
  • Hot work equipment shall be maintained in good operating condition.
  • Hot work equipment shall be examined for leakage and defects before each use.
  • Leaking or defective equipment shall not be used until all leaks and defects have been repaired.
  • Class 2 gas hot work equipment valves shall be closed and gas lines bled when not in use.
  • Electric hot work equipment shall be de-energized when not in use.
  • Oxygen-fuel gas equipment shall conform to NFPA 51, "Design and Installation of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes."
  • Unalloyed copper piping shall not be used for acetylene gas.
  • Oil or grease shall not be used with equipment for oxygen.
  • Cylinders of Class 2 gases shall conform to the storage requirements of Part 3 of the National Fire Code Alberta Edition:
  • Protected against mechanical damage;
  • Protected against valve damage;
  • Firmly secured to walls or in transport devices;
  • Not stored in or within a meter of exits, corridors or other areas providing access to exit.
  • Hot work shall only be conducted in an area free of combustible or flammable contents, unless:
  • A 15-metre protection radius is established in which combustible/flammable materials are protected from ignition;
  • Fire Watch is maintained during the hot work and for 60 minutes following completion of hot work;
  • A final inspection is conducted four hours after completion of the hot work.
  • Combustible and flammable materials, dust or residues shall be removed from the hot work area or shall be protected from ignition by the use of non-combustible materials. Where this is not possible, surfaces shall be thoroughly wetted where hot work is to be conducted.
  • Adjacent processes to a hot work area, involving the creation of flammable gases or vapours, combustible dust or combustible fibres in quantities sufficient to create a fire or explosion hazard shall be done during the hot work.
  • Personnel conducting fire watch during or following hot work shall be trained in the use of extinguishers.
  • At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be provided in a hot work area.
  • Unless appropriate steps are taken to mitigate the hazard of fire, hot work shall not be conducted on:
  • Containers of flammable, combustible liquids or flammable gases;
  • Totally enclosed containers;
  • Metal objects in contact with combustible materials;
  • Near piping containing flammable gas.
  • Where a Fire Safety Plan is required in the building in accordance with the National Fire Code Alberta Edition, safety measures for hot work shall be described in the Fire Safety Plan.

Avoiding False Alarms 

Before conducting hot work in a building with a fire alarm and detection system, ensure that steps are taken to reduce the potential for a nuisance alarm being initiated due to the hot work.

Where a fire alarm system must be shut down in whole or part to avoid nuisance alarms due to hot works, appropriate notification shall be made to the fire department dispatch at 780-743-7061. A Fire Alarm Work Permit shall be obtained where the shut down is to extend beyond two hours total time. Conditions for the shut down of a fire alarm system may include the provision of a fire watch for all areas affected.

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