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Exterior Passageways and Exit Stairs

Below are the requirements for commercial exterior passageways and exit stairs according to the 2014 Alberta Fire Code.

  1. Exterior passageways and exterior exit stairs serving occupied buildings shall be

    maintained free of snow and ice accumulations.
  2. Where equipment is provided to melt snow or ice on exterior passageways and

    exterior exit stairs serving an occupied building, such equipment shall be maintained in

    working order or alternative measures shall be taken to comply with Sentence (1).
  3. A stairway exit door from a floor level in a building that is more than 3 storeys

    in building height shall bear a number that indicates the floor on which the door

    is located and shall be

    a) located on the stairwell side of the door,

    b) centrally located 1.7 m above the bottom of the door,

    c) at least 100 mm high with a 20 mm stroke, and

    d) contrasting in colour so as to be clearly visible.
  4. Where an exit door is located so that there is a possibility of obstruction

    by vehicles or other objects, the door shall be identified with a sign as described

    in Sentence (5).
  5. Signs required by Sentence (4) shall

    a) read “Fire Exit. No parking within 3 m,”

    b) have red lettering on a contrasting background, and

    c) have letters 100 mm high with a 15 mm stroke.

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