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Safety Codes News

Inspection Change Notice

Since Oct. 1, 2015, the RMWB has required that all sub-trade permits such as electrical, plumbing and gas, are inspected and closed without deficiencies prior to the scheduling of the final building inspection. Learn more ...

Inspection Services to be Provided by the Regional Municipality

Inspection Services will be provided by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Safety Codes Officers rather than by Superior Safety Codes. As of January 5, 2015, The Planning and Development Safety Codes Services Branch of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is bringing all inspection services in-house. All previous inspection request requirements will be in effect. This change means an increased quality of service, enhanced transparency and effective safety codes enforcement. We are determined to bring the highest degree of safety possible to the community.

At the time of the switch, all open permits will be returned to the Regional Municipality for the completion of the remaining inspections. To book an inspection, or to ask any questions, please contact Safety Codes Services at 780-743-7813.

Increase in the Number of Safety Codes Officers

The Uniform Quality Management Plan (UQMP) has been revised and has increased the minimum number of inspections required by the RMWB to ensure that all projects are thoroughly inspected and documented, however the inspection request procedure will not change.

However, permit issuance will now be quicker than ever because we have increased the number of Safety Codes Officers to 10 and have a full-time Plans Examiner. The Chief Safety Codes Officer will meet and work with contractors, developers and other authorities on complex developments to ensure safety codes compliance in the design process. Three Building Level 3 Safety Codes Officers will inspect and issue permits for all structure types. Two Building Level 1 Officers will inspect and issue permits for all residential structures. Two Electrical Officers will inspect and provide code advice for all residential, commercial, institutional and select industrial projects. And finally, there will be two Plumbing and Gas officers who will not only inspect and provide advice, but who also issue and inspect private sewage permits.

Issue Time For Permits

The RMWB is required to issue most permits within 15 business days for industrial projects from the time the application is accepted. This will vary depending on the complexity of a structure and whether or not all the required documentation is submitted. The plan is to achieve a five-day building permit issuance on residential applications.

Planning and Development's E-Permitting system enables you to apply online for permits, internally link and track permitting activity on projects, provide electronic document review for building permit approvals and enable inspectors to complete electronic site reporting using a tablet. This means quicker inspection results getting back to the clerk who can then turn around appropriate reporting in a timely fashion.

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