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Public Art Committee


  • To make recommendations on the content of the Municipal Public Art Program.
  • To promote and serve as an education resource for the Municipal Public Art Program.
  • To provide expert guidance and advice with respect to creation, acquisition and installation of public art to various stakeholders and interested persons including land developers, public agencies and community groups.
  • To review and approve a conservation plan and deaccession protocols for the maintenance of the Municipality’s public art collection.
  • To submit an annual report of its activities to Council.

Time Requirements

  • Meetings will be held on a monthly basis.
  • Additional hours may be required outside of meetings to conduct research as requested by the chair.


  • The Members of the Committee will be appointed by Council for a three-year term, for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  • Four of the seven members will have experience in one or more of the following professions:
    • Artists
    • Art Educators
    • Arts Administrators
    • Arts Consultants
    • Curators
    • Art Historians
    • Heritage Professionals
    • Architects, Landscape Architects and Graphic Design Professionals
    • Conservators
    • Business or Industry


  • Must be 18 years of age; and
  • Must be a resident of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Further information about the Public Art Committee may be obtained by contacting publicart@rmwb.ca or the Recreation and Culture Branch at 780-743-7966. Learn more about Public Art Wood Buffalo at rmwb.ca/publicart.

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