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Pet Licensing FAQ

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How do I register my pet(s)? 

Download and fill out the Pet License Application Form, which is required to register your domestic pets. Once completed, forms are to be taken to a cashier counter located at the South Policing Facility (150 MacLennan Crescent), Jubilee Centre Municipal Building (9909 Franklin Avenue) or Timberlea Landing Municipal Building (309 Powder Drive). Forms, information and support are also available at the cashier counters. 

  • Exotics, reptiles, birds and other pets are registered at no cost

Why do I have to license my animals?

It is a pet owner’s lawful duty to register pets within one business day of becoming a pet owner or taking up residency within the Municipality.

There are many benefits to licensing your pets. Should your pet ever get lost or in the unlikely, yet possible, event of an emergency or evacuation, a registered pet is easily identifiable and returned to its owners as quickly as possible - at no cost to its owners.

Through compliance, having the most accurate pet population documented can identify the needs for our region in terms of recreational pet services, health services, as well as emergency response services.

Do I have to register pets other than dogs/cats?

Yes. Providing quality animal services is best achieved by knowing accurate pet population demographics. Various species of domestic pets also require specialized care and a pet owner’s best method of ensuring those services and resources exist within the community is by registering pets each year.

I lost my pet’s tag, how do I get a replacement?

Replacement tags can be requested at the noted Municipal cashier counters for the fee of $10.00. Simply provide your name, address and pets name and a new replacement tag will be mailed to you.

What is the process for obtaining permission to keep a fifth pet?

A Letter of Request must be submitted and approved by the Bylaw Program Supervisor in order to have more than four pets. This is to ensure that pet owners are making choices in the best interest of themselves as well as their pets.

The Letter of Request must include an overview of your current pets (i.e. type, health challenges, veterinary service support) and if you rent or own the residence in which you reside. Once reviewed, your request may be accompanied by a home visit to ensure you have the necessities to house another pet.

Where do I pay the licensing fees and can I pay over the phone?

Payments can be made in person at a Municipal cashier counter, located at the Jubilee Centre (9909 Franklin Avenue) or Timberlea Landing (309 Powder Drive), at pay.rmwb.ca or by credit card over the phone at 780-743-7965. These payment resources are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. except statutory holidays.

Where do I get a license in one of the rural communities?

All Municipal offices are able to provide support in registering pets and managing payment of fees. If further assistance is required please contact animal.licensing@rmwb.ca or call 780-762-5858 and request to speak with Animal Control.

When do licenses expire? Do I get a reminder?

Licenses are valid from date of purchase to date of purchase the following year; reminders are sent out via email one month before expiry. 

Do I have to fill out another application for renewal?

Yes. The application process is designed to confirm your current contact information and pet information. The associated fees are allocated to ensure animal services are tailored to the community.

I’ve moved, need to change address or add an owner regarding my pet license, who do I call?

Changes to your contact information can be emailed to animal.licensing@rmwb.ca or by calling 780-762-5858 and requesting to speak with Animal Control. If your pet has been microchipped please update the changes with your microchip service provider as well.

How often do you update your website?

The Animal In-Care Gallery is updated in real time as pets enter or leave the facility. Pets are examined and cared for before posting to the website to ensure the welfare of the pet and the accuracy of the profile posted.

I am interested in adopting. How can I come in to look at the animals at your impound?

Arrangements can be made for supervised visits to the animal care facility by emailing animal.licensing@rmwb.ca.

The RMWB policy towards animal adoption is to engage animal rescue organizations throughout Alberta to ensure pets remain in care for as short a period of time as possible. Individual adoption requests may be accepted on a case by case basis and availability is determined by operational capacity.

How long do you keep the animal before it comes up for adoption?

The Alberta Animal Protection Act and RMWB bylaws dictate the hold periods for each pet that is in care at Animal Control Services. These regulated hold periods are determined by individual case complexity and can range from 3 to 10 business days, or longer.

Currently the majority of pets we welcome into the facility are claimed by owners (51%), transferred to animal rescue organizations (37%), adopted directly (2%), unfortunately are found deceased on arrival (8%), or are humanely euthanized under severe health circumstances (2%).

What is your euthanasia policy?

Each individual animal is evaluated in its entirety. This includes individual Provincial & Federal orders, medical condition and behaviour.

Humane euthanasia is considered:

  • When an animal is determined to be suffering mentally, emotionally or physically with a poor prognosis, protracted painful recovery, or incurable disease.
  • When an animal is deemed to pose an unacceptable danger to other animals, itself, or the public.

All criteria is reviewed in consultation with a veterinarian and animal care staff to be determined in an untreatable condition, and the request must be approved by the Chief of Bylaw. The humane euthanasia is performed by a licensed veterinarian under all the regulatory conditions required by law to prevent pain and suffering.

I found a stray/injured animal. What do I do/Who do I call?

All stray or injured animals are to be called into Animal Control through Bylaw Services at 780-762-5858. These services are equipped to transport domestic pets into quality care safely.

The Municipality advocates for the safety and well-being of all animals, as it does its human residents. Bylaw Services plays an integral role in ensuring pet owners have emergency support services, dispute mediation, safe off-leash parks and reuniting lost pets. Non-pet owners are provided with professional dispute resolution support to promote community safety and responsible pet ownership.

Animal Control Services has a skilled team of Animal Health Technologists who ensure the safety of lost pets or strays while in their care. The Animal Control Services facility ensures the best possible love and care for any animals within the provision of Bylaw Services.

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