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FireSmart Projects

FireSmart vegetation management projects have been taking place throughout the region for the past several decades. As a Municipality, we conduct FireSmart fuel reduction, fuel removal and fuel conversion projects in high-risk areas, as identified in the 2017 RMWB Wildfire Mitigation Strategy.

Project Types

When it comes to FireSmart vegetation management projects, there are three main project types: fuel reduction, fuel removal and fuel conversion.

Fuel Reduction/Modification

Fuel reduction and fuel modification projects involve thinning, pruning and cleaning densely vegetated areas. Reducing and maintaining vegetation helps reduce fuel for a future wildfire.

Fuel Removal

Fuel removal projects involve removing dead, down and unhealthy trees in densely vegetated areas. Removing dead, down and unhealthy trees is important for ensuring public safety and preventing future fuel build up near developed areas.

Fuel Conversion

Fuel conversion projects involve removing flammable tree species and replacing them with less flammable species. This type of project helps create deciduous forests that are less likely to threaten homes and communities. Fuel conversion is a good option for difficult sites where other treatment options may not be available for long term mitigation.

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