Week 2 - Truth and Reconciliation Challenge: Language

Tawâw. Neba hoɁą. Welcome to Week 2 of the Truth and Reconciliation Challenge: Language. 

It’s the International Decade of Indigenous Languages! Reviving and preserving the Cree, Dene and Michif languages is essential for Indigenous communities and culture. 

The Municipality has collaborated with local Knowledge Keepers to plan, develop, and support the strengthening of traditional Indigenous languages in the region over the next 10 years, and now you're invited to join in.   

Your challenge this week: Learn Cree and Dene basics 

This week, we go back to basics. Sharpen your crayons and get ready to have some fun! 

  1. Learn how to introduce yourself in Cree and Dene with these video lessons from local language leaders. See below a lesson from Elder Patrice Mercredi from Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and a lesson from Elder Rita Marten from Mikisew Cree First Nation.

 2. Learn your colours and how to count in Cree and Dene with these videos from Elder Rita Marten of Mikisew Cree First Nation and Alice Rigney of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Practice what you've learned with these fun activities:

When it comes to language, there is always more to learn. Did you know the Municipality did its first proclamations in Cree and Dene this year? Check out what else is being done to celebrate the International Decade of Indigenous Languages 

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