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Rave the Mascot

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Rave the Mascot

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Rave is our stylin' mascot. He spreads the message that we should keep our community clean and safe. Watch for Rave at various events around the community.

Ravens are the world's largest perching bird - and North America's largest songbird. Ravens are very smart and creative birds. They are not afraid of a challenge and are not afraid to defend their territories. Hunters have been known to listen to the calls of ravens in order to follow a moving herd of elk. The raven is sometimes considered a nuisance in our community, but if we work together to outwit the raven, we can learn to appreciate its uniqueness. Like the raven, we can defend our community, be creative in our approaches to the challenges in our community, and spread the message of community pride.

What is Rave's Mission?

To enhance the quality of life in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo through environmental awareness and municipal beautification by partnering with all municipal members to promote and foster neighborhood pride and individual inspiration.

Rave's vision is that the natural splendours of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo will flourish, its communities will be free of litter and graffiti and its people will be full of pride.

Fun Facts about Rave

  • Born July 1, 2003
  • Rave has approximately 5000 feathers and weighs 100-200 pounds on any given day

Book Rave For Your Next Community Event!

To request to have Rave at an upcoming event, contact cib@rmwb.ca or 780-788-1489.

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