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Community Signs

As part of the Community Placemaking Initiative, the Municipality is creating custom community entry signs for eight communities throughout the region. For this project, we asked for your help in selecting an identifiable marker to represent the unique historical background of Grayling Terrace, Prairie Creek, Waterways, Wood Buffalo and  Gregoire.

From April 4 to April 18, you gave us your feedback for Grayling Terrace, Prairie Creek, Waterways and Wood Buffalo. The results are in and the motifs selected are listed below. From Sept. 6 to 12, you provided feedback on a motif for a Gregoire marker. The results of that survey are also listed below.

The following hamlets have already been engaged via one-on-one conversations with community leaders on their identifiable markers: Anzac, Conklin and Janvier.

The following neighbourhoods have already had their signs installed: Beacon Hill, Abasand, Thickwood, Dickinsfield and Timberlea.

The goal of the Community Placemaking Initiative is to beautify our communities, enhance our streets and common spaces, and strengthen the sense of place by capturing and celebrating the geography, history, culture and lifestyle that makes Wood Buffalo unique. These placemaking principles will be applied to the signs posted at the entrance of neighbourhoods and hamlets.

April Survey Results

Residents chose from three or four options to identify their preferred theme for each neighbourhood. The winning motifs have been identified:

Grayling Terrace

  • Transportation Horse: The Hangingstone River was used by horsemen to move large teams of horses.

Prairie Creek:

  • Horse Club: This area is known for the horse club, which has inspired horse themed names for several streets.


  • Train station: The Alberta and Great Waterways Railway stopped in Waterways from 1925-1929, when it then became the Northern Alberta Railway (NAR). In 1981, the NAR was taken over by CN rail. All passenger train service stopped in 1989.

Wood Buffalo:

  • Beaver Dam: This area is known for being home to several beavers and their dams.


  • Canadian Lynx: A common animal trapped in this area.

Next Steps

Designs for all signs are getting finalized based on the motifs chosen by residents. Signage is expected to be installed in each of the following eight communities in 2017: Anzac, Conklin, Grayling Terrace, Gregoire, Janvier, Prairie Creek, Waterways and Wood Buffalo.

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