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Community Investment Program

Community and Social Services Funding for COVID-19 Response

The application period for the 2020 Community Impact Grant and the 2020 Games Legacy Grant is now closed. Late applications will not be processed - Community Investment Program Policy FIN-220, Section 3.1.5.

Thank you to everyone who applied! The applications will be reviewed, with Council grant approval tentatively scheduled for the end of November, 2019. More details will be provided in the upcoming weeks.  
The Community Investment Program (CIP) supports a broad spectrum of programs and services by providing grant funding and agreements to community groups and non-profit organizations responsible for:

  • Delivering various recreational, cultural and social programs and services.
  • Developing and operating community facilities.
  • Organizing community events.

The Community Investment Program also provides grant funding opportunities to athletes or performers competing at a provincial, national, or international level.   

The Community Investment Program enables the Municipality to:

  • Tailor financial support to meet specific needs and priorities.
  • Broaden residents’ access to recreational, social and cultural opportunities that the Municipality either provides directly or indirectly through partnerships.
  • Build and support the capacity of community groups and non-profit organizations.
  • Promote and encourage development and growth in activities related to amateur sport, cultural activities or the arts for youth and adults within the priority framework. 

The CIP distributes grant funding through the Community Impact Grant, Sustaining Grant, Games Legacy Grant, Community Capital Grant and Community Plan on Homelessness Grant. 

The Joint Initiatives Grant, Community Development Grant and Operating Grant have been replaced by the grants mentioned above.

Community Impact Grant- This grant provides funding to registered non-profit organizations meeting community needs while contributing toward the strategic priorities identified in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan. The Community Impact Grant consists of three grant streams and limits the maximum amount of funding one organization may receive from each stream. Applicants may apply for funding, up to the maximum amount, from each of the following grant streams: 

1. Community Programs and Projects- $100,000 maximum  
2. Community Events – $20,000 maximum 
3. New Events – $50,000 maximum, with a declining proportion of funding available for a maximum of three years. 

Games Legacy Grant- This grant encourages participation in amateur sport and cultural activities by providing financial assistance to athletes and performers competing or training at a provincial, national or international level. Individual applicants may apply for grant funding up to a maximum of $1,500 and team or group applicants may apply for a maximum of $3,000. 

Funding Sources

CIP funding comes from multiple sources:

  • Municipal taxation, as part of the annual operating budget

  • The Community Initiatives Reserve and interest earned on the Games Legacy Reserves

  • Federal and Provincial partnership grant agreements (Community Plan on Homelessness; Family and Community Support Services). The CIP Administrator ensures that federal and provincial requirements are adhered to (e.g. criteria for approving funding, reporting requirements).

All provincial, federal and municipal funding allocations are approved by Council (Section 2.1.2 of the Community Investment Program Policy) 

Like many municipalities in Alberta and Canada, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo uses a combination of direct service delivery, shared service delivery and community investment to meet residents’ needs and expectations for recreational, cultural and social programming and services.

Through the CIP, the Municipality partners with community groups and non-profit organizations to improve quality of life for all residents in the region.

As a form of checks and balances, Council ensures that ongoing operating and capital investments are efficient and effectively aligned with established priorities and goals.

Council has the responsibility to:

  • Establish the strategic direction of the CIP, and
  • Determine the level of funding that will be allocated to the program on an annual basis

Success of the CIP depends upon stakeholders working effectively and in partnership to achieve a common vision for the region. 

The CIP Administrator ensures that the grant funding application process is clear, the evaluation criteria is transparent, and groups and organizations are held accountable for how funding is spent.

Collectively, these stakeholders play active roles in the development of the region and provide opportunities for meaningful, effective partnerships.


Community Investment Program
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