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Community Capital Grant

The Community Capital Grant program is used to support the construction, expansion or renovation of recreational, social and cultural facilities in the region. Community Capital Grants are executed through agreements with community groups and non-profit organizations that operate the facilities.

Grant funding is available to support facilities that:

  • Are owned by the Municipality and operated by a community group or non-profit organization (asset implications for the Municipality).
  • Are owned and operated by community groups and organizations directly (no asset implications for the Municipality).

Program Objectives

The Community Capital Grant helps funded organizations meet community needs and goals as identified by the Municipality through the Community Investment Program and the Regional Municipality Wood Buffalo 2018–2021 Strategic Plan.

Approved Uses of Grant Funds

Solely for expenses associated with the approved capital project.

Ineligible Expenses

  • Costs funded under other grant programs
  • Debt principal payment
  • Interest payments
  • Loan fees
  • Activities deemed ineligible by the Municipality on a case-by-case basis
  • Operational expenses

Reporting Requirements

To ensure accountability, the Municipality requires semi-annual and year-end reporting, including updated project outcomes and financial statements from the funded group or organization.

It must identify outcomes from a financial perspective (e.g., financial statements, revenue and expenditure details from prior years). Specific financial reporting requirements will be determined by grant thresholds.

Reporting Thresholds:

  • Less than $100,000 — Summary of revenue and expenditures
  • $100,000 to $499,999 — Minimum review engagement and financial statements
  • More than $500,000 — Audited financial statements

Failure to comply with these reporting requirements may affect future funding.

General Contact Information

Community Investment Program
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
9909 Franklin Ave.
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4

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