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Workplace Inclusion Charter


The Wood Buffalo Workplace Inclusion Charter supports employers in creating more inclusive workplaces for the employees and clients. Organizations work their way through a list of commitments including training, inclusive spaces, policies and guidelines, human resources, and supports. Participating organizations receive public recognition as an Inclusion Champion for each level achieved. 

Find out more by contacting diversity.woodbuffalo@rmwb.ca 

For the full document please download it here: Wood Buffalo Workplace Inclusion Charter

The Charter outlines a list of commitments for participating employers. Work your way through the commitment and receive recognition for each level achieved including Bronze, Silver, and Gold Inclusion Champion.
The following is a full list of commitments however, not all commitments are needed to receive your first recognition as an Inclusion Champion

1. Cultural Awareness: All staff will be offered Cultural Awareness Training
2. LGBTQ2S+ Awareness: All staff will be offered LGBTQ2S+ Awareness Training.
3. Indigenous Awareness: All staff will be offered Indigenous Awareness Training or Truth and Reconciliation Workshops, or Blanket Exercise.
4. Accessibility & Age-Friendly Awareness: All staff will be offered Accessibility Training or a Mobility Exercise.
5. Poverty Simulation: All staff will be offered Poverty Simulation Exercises.
6. Quiet Room: A space for meditation and prayer is provided for employees up to the point of undue hardship.
7. Accessibility Checks: Monthly checks of all accessibility equipment are completed.
8. Inclusive Washrooms: All washrooms regardless of gender designation are equipped with hygiene disposal units and change tables (only required for public
washrooms). Single-stall washrooms are available whenever operationally possible and are gender neutral. Multi-stall washrooms include signage that indicates that individuals have the right to use the washroom that best corresponds with their gender identity and/or gender expression.
9. Anti-Discrimination Policy and Complaint Procedure: Policy outlining the protected grounds is implemented.
10. Inclusive Washroom Policy: Policy that outlines the rights of individuals to use the washroom that best corresponds to their gender identity or gender expression.
11. Breastfeeding Policies: Policies that outline the right to breastfeed while accessing services, and that support breastfeeding during work hours.
12. Inclusive Forms: All forms are easy to read, refrain from requesting non-essential information, and use gender-neutral language.
13. Diverse Representation Guidelines: Guidelines outline requirements for divers 
representation in all visual marketing and promotion.
14. Inclusive Job Postings: Job postings refrain from requiring non-essential qualifications or information about the country in which work experience was gained.
15. Complaint Procedure: A complaint procedure that allows for bypassing immediate supervisors is implemented.
16. Inclusive Hiring Panels: Individuals sitting on hiring panels complete unconscious bias training.
17. Onboarding: New hires receive information about the Welcome Centre.
18. Employee Resource Groups: Staff are made aware of the benefits of forming employee resource groups (ERGs) and are supported in doing so.
19. Discounts: Prices for services offered to the public include a sliding scale or discount for seniors, youth, and those living in poverty.
20. Mentorship: Mentorship and/or apprenticeship opportunities are available for under-represented groups such as youth, women, Indigenous peoples, etc. 

Printable Signs
Breastfeeding Welcome Sign
Men's Washroom Sign
Women's Washroom Sign
Single-Stall Washroom
Single-Stall Accessible Washroom
Multi-Stall Washroom
Multi-Stall  Accessible Washroom 

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