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Have your say: Online Survey

Have your say on cannabis legalization in our community by taking a few minutes to complete this survey. The results will be used to inform how cannabis legalization will work in our community. All questions are optional and no personal information will be collected

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Are you completing this survey on behalf of a business, organization, community group or association?
If yes, what best describes this group?
Please identify the area where you live in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo:
Please identify your age
Do you own or rent your place of residence?

Cannabis refers to products made from the cannabis plant. You may also have heard it being called marijuana or pot.

It is anticipated that the Federal Government will legalize cannabis in the summer of 2018 for personal use, with regulations to follow. The process to legalize cannabis has multiple impacts. It is important for us to understand what matters to you about cannabis legalization.

What aspects of cannabis legalization are you most interested in, or most concerned about? (Check all that apply)

According to proposed provincial legislation, you will need to be 18 years of age or older to purchase cannabis in Alberta. Cannabis would be sold in cannabis-only retail stores, which cannot sell alcohol, tobacco or other pharmaceuticals.

In Alberta, there will be a 100 metre minimum distance a cannabis retail store can be from schools and provincial health care facilities.

How would you respond to the following statement?
“I am concerned about how close cannabis stores will be to places where children and youth gather, such as schools.”
In addition to schools, do you support placing minimum distance restrictions that cannabis retail stores can be from? (Check all that apply)
In your view, how far apart should cannabis stores be from each other? For reference, there is currently no such restriction placed on liquor stores.
In your view, how far should cannabis stores be from community centres, parks and playgrounds, places of religious assembly and child care centres?

When deciding where cannabis stores should be located, it is important to consider a few factors:

  • How accessible the store will be. Can it be reached by walking, taking a bus or driving?
  • What kinds of businesses or uses would be a good fit near cannabis stores?
  • Where would cannabis stores be most appropriate?
In your opinion, what kinds of locations in Wood Buffalo are a good fit for cannabis stores?Check all the apply

In Alberta there will be public consumption restrictions on cannabis to protect children and limit second-hand exposure. Smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited anywhere smoking tobacco is prohibited. Smoking or vaping cannabis will also be banned:

  • On hospital grounds, school properties (both private and public) and child care facility properties.
  • Near areas frequented by children, such as playgrounds, sports or playing fields, skateboard or bicycle parks, outdoor pools, splash pads, zoos and outdoor theatres.
  • In any vehicle.
Overall, do you think the rules around public consumption of cannabis should be:
How should the Municipality approach cannabis use at outdoor festivals and events?

The Municipality has laws that prevent smoking tobacco (cigarettes) in any designated public place regardless of whether or not a “No Smoking” sign is posted.

No proprietor and/or employer will permit smoking in a designated public place, whether or not a “No Smoking” sign is posted. A proprietor and/or employer of a designated public place may, where space exists, ensure that ashtrays are placed more than 10 metres from the entrance or exit of the designated public place, if employees or members of the public, from time to time, gather to smoke in a location outside the designated public place. At all times, the ashtray must remain on the property.

A public place is defined as: any place to which the public has access, regardless of whether or not access is granted by means of membership or admission fees, and includes:

  • Licensed gaming establishments;
  • Drinking establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor patios
  • Private clubs
  • Public transportation vehicles and all areas within 10 metres of public transportation vehicle shelters
  • Public buildings and all areas within 10 metres of an entrance or exit to a public building; and
  • Workplaces and all areas within 10 metres of an entrance or exit to a workplace

The Municipality could decide to allow smoking cannabis under the same restriction as smoking tobacco, or to ban it in public altogether.

If smoking or vaping of cannabis is permitted in designated areas, the Municipality would be required to enforce smoking and vaping of cannabis in public. This would likely be done by issuing warning tickets to individuals who are smoking and vaping in public where they are not allowed to do so and could potentially result in fines for offences. Any intoxication while operating a vehicle, caused by inhalation of cannabis, including inhalation of second hand smoke, would be enforced by the RCMP.

How would you respond to the following statement?
“Adults should be able to smoke and vape cannabis in the same public places you can smoke tobacco.”
How would you respond to the following statement?
“Smoking and vaping cannabis should be banned in all public places.”
How would you respond to the following statement?
“It is important to me the Municipality has the resources to enforce rules against smoking in public”

Initially, consuming cannabis at a café or lounge will not be permitted. The Province of Alberta has authority to allow this in the future, and this issue will be re-explored once the system for cannabis is established and guidelines for cannabis cafes have been refined by the Federal Government.

If provincial regulations eventually do allow for this do you support or oppose these venues in our community?

Although the Federal Government will not make any decisions about legalizing edible cannabis products for some time, if provincial regulations eventually do allow for this would you support or oppose venues which allow for the consumption of edibles?

The Federal Government has established the following basic rules about growing and consuming cannabis:

  • The minimum age that people can buy, possess and consume cannabis will be 18
  • Adults will be allowed to buy and possess up to 30 grams of legally produced cannabis
  • Adults will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants per household

Please note people who live in apartment buildings and condominiums, or are renting may be restricted from growing cannabis plants in their home based on rules in condominium bylaws or rental agreements.

When cannabis is legalized, how likely are you to buy cannabis products from a cannabis store?
When cannabis is legalized, do you think you will grow your own cannabis plants at home?

How would you respond to the following statement?
“The Municipality should consider placing restrictions on where cannabis plants can be placed on private property.”

How would you respond to the following statement?
“The Municipality should prohibit the growing of cannabis plants in a front yard.”

The Municipality recognizes the potential economic development opportunities that could occur as a result of cannabis legalization.

The Federal Government has stated that one of the reasons for legalizing and regulating cannabis is to take cannabis out of the illegal, black market. Legalizing cannabis will likely result in new jobs being created to produce, cultivate, distribute and sell cannabis products in our region.

How would you respond to the following statement?
“Legalizing cannabis and having legal businesses related to cannabis will be positive for Wood Buffalo’s economy.”
When cannabis is legalized, are you considering starting a cannabis related business or pursuing a job related to cannabis?

Cannabis legalization could allow for cannabis production and distribution facilities to exist in our region. A production and distribution facility is not a cannabis retail store, but a place where cannabis is cultivated and made available to retailers.

Where should these facilities exist in Wood Buffalo?
(Check all that apply)
How far should production and distribution facilities should be permitted from residential areas or other places where the public and youth gather, such as schools?