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Shape The Way You Have Your Say!

Public Engagement Survey

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The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is developing a Public Engagement Framework to guide how we gather feedback about projects, services, and initiatives. When it comes to public engagement, we want to know how, where, when, and what you want to be engaged on: we want you to shape the way you have your say!

Please take a few minutes to participate in our brief survey on public engagement.

Why a Public Engagement Framework?

Regional Council’s 2015-2017 Strategic Plan identifies the importance of engagement in a number of areas. Among the Success Factors named in the Plan is “engage our citizens,” while one of the objectives in the first goal of Building Responsible Government, is to “enhance public engagement in all areas of municipal activities.”

In October 2016, Regional Council approved the Public Engagement Policy. Developed by the Communications & Stakeholder Relations department, the policy aims to encourage and enhance decision-making processes by the RMWB as it relates to programming, services, projects, policies, and initiatives, while embracing such values as collaboration, information sharing, accountability, civic participation, and dialogue.

The Public Engagement Framework will provide the guidance and guidelines to help municipal departments put the policy into practice and ensure a commitment to public engagement across the organization.

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