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Event Permits

Hosting an Event Guide

Are you planning a special event? Check out our Hosting an Event Guide with a sample budget template to assist you in coordinating any size event. For further guidance please email or call 780-799-8695.

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Special Event Permit Application Form

What is a special event?

  • open to the public
  • held on land that was not originally intended for the event (e.g. parkland, farmland)

What kind of permit will I require for my special event?

If your special event is held on private property, you may need a development permit.

If your special event is held on public property like parks and open spaces, you need a special event permit.

Why are there two different permits for special events?

Special events on public property are regulated through Council Policy PRL-130: Special Event Policy for Municipal Parks and Public Open Spaces.

Special events on private land are regulated through the Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw No. 99/059).

Why do I need a permit?

Both permits are designed to protect the health and safety of the public. When you apply for a permit, we ensure that you meet requirements for things like fire safety, insurance and emergency planning.

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