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Development permits (private land)

Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit Checklist

Development Permit

Use the E-Permitting tool if your special event requires a development permit

Not all special events on private land need municipal regulation. Please read the following to determine whether you need a development permit. For questions, contact Development and Planning at 780-799-8695 or planningdevelopment@rmwb.ca

What types of events do not require a development permit?

  1. A garage sale (the sale of used household goods by the occupant of a dwelling for a maximum of two consecutive days and for a maximum of three sales in any one calendar year starting on January 1)
  2. A special event that is held entirely within the existing building(s) on a site, and
    1. has sufficient on-site parking to accommodate attendees, and
    2. is more than 100 metres from the boundary of a parcel of land with an existing residential use.
  3. A special event that is a maximum of three consecutive days, excluding the time to erect and dismantle the event, and
    1. expects less than 150 attendees at any one time, and
    2. does not charge a fee to attend.
  4. A special event that is seasonal, and
    1. does not occur for more than 90 consecutive calendar days, and
    2. is accessory to a principal agricultural use where the site has sufficient on-site parking to accommodate all attendees. For example, a corn maze or Christmas tree lot wouldn’t require a development permit.

If your proposed event does not meet any of these exemptions, you may need a development permit.

How do I apply?

  • You can apply in person at 309 Powder Drive (Development and Planning).
  • You can begin your application online using the E-Permitting Tool.
  • After you start your application online, a development clerk will contact you to complete your application.

How long will the application process take?

Once we receive your completed application, a minimum of two weeks is required to process it. Events occurring in or near residential areas may be subject to appeal through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Please allow six additional weeks to deal with a potential appeal.

What is the application fee?

The fee for a development permit is $200.

What do I need to include with my application?

  • Completed Special Event Permit application form
  • Application fee of $200
  • A site plan that identifies where the proposed special event will take place and identifies relevant facilities and/or structures
  • A context plan identifying how the special event relates to surrounding land uses
  • A parking and traffic management plan that is satisfactory to the Development Authority
  • Building plans of any proposed temporary structures over 10m².
  • A signage plan that details sign content and location
  • Hours of operation of the proposed event
  • An emergency response plan

Do I need an emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan is required if there will be more than 750 people at the event at one time, and must include the following:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Map with muster points and evacuation routes clearly labeled
  • Contingency plans for the most likely hazards (including but not limited to fire, severe weather, missing children)
  • Public warning/communication plan (how will you communicate with attendees about where to go in an emergency?)

Depending on the size of the facility and the event in question, additional information (e.g., transit plan) may be requested.

Can my permit be appealed?

Yes, 14 days from the notice of decision any affected person could appeal your special event. For further information please contact the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board at 780-743-7000 or sdab@rmwb.ca

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