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Special Event Permits (Public Land)

A special event is an event held on outdoor Municipal property on an area of land for which it was not originally intended.

Special event permits are required:

  • If you are holding an event on municipally owned land (i.e., tournaments, beer tents, runs, walks, family/school reunions, etc.)
  • If a temporary structure (i.e., tent, stage, bouncy tent, etc.) is being erected at your function
  • If the event is not intended for the structure, park or open space
  • If you are using public fire pits

Please submit your application at least one month prior to the event. The application fee is $25 for non-profit groups and $100 for profit-making organizations.

Special Events Permits Application forms can be downloaded online or picked up from the Facility Booking office located on the main floor of the Jubilee Building (9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray).

For more information, please contact the Special Events Coordinator at 780-799-8695 or e-mail specialevents@rmwb.ca

Parade Permits

Parade permits are no longer required for any event. Parade permits are now covered in the Special Events Permit Application Form.

Permits for Tents

To erect a tent for a special event, you will need a Building Permit.

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