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Can I trim my neighbours’ tree if its branches hang over onto my property?

Speak to your neighbours before you trim the tree. If for any reason you and your neighbours cannot come to an agreement on trimming the tree, call Bylaw at 780-788-4200 to lodge a complaint.

Someone constantly parks in front of my house. Can I do anything?

Yes. If your driveway is obstructed (within 1.5 meters of your driveway entrance), or if the vehicle has been parked there for more than 72 hours, you can call the Bylaw Complaints line at 780-788-4200.

Does my landlord have an obligation to provide parking for all my vehicles?

No. Legislation does not require a landlord to provide parking for tenants. However, tenants can ensure parking is addressed in the lease agreement; therefore the landlord will have to oblige and provide specified parking.

What permits do I have to apply for before I renovate my home to include a basement suite? How do I get approval?

For information about basement suites and boarding houses, please see the E-permitting section of our website.

Do I need a permit for remodeling a room inside my home?

Yes, a building permit is required and can be obtained by using the E-Permitting online service.

Where can I find a copy of building codes that I should follow when renovating my property?

The Alberta Safety Codes Act and Alberta Permit Regulations are available on the Safety Codes section of our website under “Related Links”. For specific questions not covered in those documents, please contact Safety Codes at inspections@rmwb.ca or call 780-743-7813.

I am doing a major renovation to my home or yard. How do I dispose of the waste? Can I rent a dumpster?

You can contact a private waste collection company to rent a waste bin.

What do I do before I dig a hole on my property?

Determine where your water, sewer and storm lines are by calling Underground Services at 780-799-5823. Then call Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 to locate natural gas, telephone and power services.

Who do I contact to get an assessment on my property?

The Assessment and Taxation department does general assessments annually. Homeowners will receive the assessed value on their Property Assessment notice in March each year.

If you would like a home appraisal, you may contact a real estate agent or independent appraisal firm.

How can I get power to a construction site?

Contact Atco Electric at 1-800-668-2248 or visit their website at www.atcoelectric.com.

How can I purchase a lot of land to develop on my own?

To purchase a lot of land, contact a realtor or the owner of the property.

Do I need a permit for my backyard fire pit?

Yes. Permits are required for all in-ground, permanent fire pits within the Urban Service Area of Fort McMurray. For more information, visit the Backyard Fire Pits section of our website.

Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.