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Pets and Wild Animals

Where do I license my pet?

You can apply for a license for your pet at the Timberlea Landing Building, 309 Powder Drive or the Jubilee Building,9909 Franklin Avenue. Licenses will be mailed to you. For more information, please call Bylaw Services at 780-788-4200.

Do I have to walk my dog on a leash?

Yes. According to Animal Control Bylaw No. 02/031, all animals must be kept on a leash at all times. The following is a list of the off-leash dog parks in Fort McMurray:

  • Beside the Water Treatment Plant
  • Thickwood Park
  • St. Gabriel School/Hinge Bay
  • Sitskaw Park (Horse Pasture)

Please view the Parks & Trails Map for park locations.

There is a cat that keeps digging in my flower bed. What can I do?

Animal Control complaints can be made by calling Bylaw Services at 780-788-4200.

How do I dispose of a deceased pet?

Call your veterinarian, who will provide options to properly dispose of your deceased pet.

If I see a wild animal, such as a bear, should I report it to someone?

Yes. Sightings can be reported to the local Fish and Wildlife Office at 780-743-7200 during business hours or the 24/7 Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

What animals are threats in this region? How do I avoid them?

Any animal existing in the region can pose a threat if they are surprised or if the encounter is not properly handled. Please see the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Wildlife website for more information about preventing and managing human encounters with bears, cougars, coyotes and wolves

Winter Maintenance Subzones 2 & 3 are active Jan. 27 - 31.