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Seniors Support Services: Financial Resources

Financial Assistance

Alberta Human Resources & Employment—Income & Support Services

(780) 743-7192

Main Floor - 9915 Franklin Ave (Provincial Building)

Offices that provide welfare payments, employment help and other assistance for people unable to provide for their own basic needs. In Fort McMurray, the Human Resources and Employment office is located on the main floor of the Provincial Building.

Employment Insurance (EI)

1 (800) 206-7218 Employment Insurance (EI) helps you when you lose your job. It can provide temporary income while you look for another job, are sick, pregnant, or adopting a child. The first thing you must do when you are out of work is APPLY RIGHT AWAY even if you do not have all the necessary documentation. There are two types of EI benefits: regular benefits for people who are unemployed and looking for a job; and, special benefits if you can't work because of illness, injury, pregnancy, or adoption. Not everyone qualifies for EI and certain conditions must be met. If you become unemployed, you should file an application for benefits at your local Canada Employment Centre immediately. If you have your Record of Employment, take it, along with proper identification, when you apply.

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Program (AISH)

(780) 743-7106
7th Floor, Provincial Building
9915 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, Alberta
T9H 2K4

 AISH provides financial assistance, supplementary assistance (child benefits and personal benefits) and health-related assistance to adults with a disability. The disability must severely limit the ability to earn a living and must be permanent.

GST Rebate


Widow's Spouse Allowance (Federal)

For widows over 60 with low income.

Income Related Benefits

Eligibility for the following benefits is based on your filed income tax returns. Depending on your income level you may be eligible for any of the following:

Alberta Blue Cross Subsidization

(780) 790-3390 (Fort McMurray Office)


Senior Pensions

Alberta Widows Pension
For widows and widowers ages 55 to 64

310-0000 then (780) 422-4080
8th Floor, 10035-108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Canada Pension Plan

1 (800) 277-9914
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday Health and Welfare Canada Information on Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan and Disability Benefits

Income Security Program - Human Resources Development


#155 - 9700 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

Provides a full range of information about benefits under the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security programs, including Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, the Allowance, Survivor Allowance, Canada Pension Plan, Death Benefit, Survivor Benefits, and Children's Benefits.

Veterans Affairs Canada

1 (866) 522-2122

#940 - 9700 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta
Provides benefits to eligible veterans, their dependents and survivors.

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