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Services and Utilities

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Municipal Public Utilities Bylaw
Bylaw 14/035; Prohibits the provision of a same of similar type of utility in the Regional Municipality.

Public Utilities Bylaw Guidance
Why the Municipal Public Utilities Bylaw was created and what it means for you.

Pre-Authorized Credit Card Utility Bill Payments Terms and Conditions

Pre-Authorized Chequing Account Utility Bill Payments Terms and Conditions

Paying Your Utility Bill

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo provides water, sewer where applicable, and garbage collection where applicable to homeowners. Utilities are billed every two months. Learn more about your payment options including Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payments.

Pay your utility bill at

Engineering Servicing Standards

The Engineering Servicing Standards have been prepared for the benefit of developers, consulting engineers, contractors and other interested parties to provide procedures and standards on the development of land and the construction of public and private infrastructure in the RMWB.


The Public Works department administers the arrangements for burials, reservations of plots, and maintenance of the Fort McMurray and Abasand cemeteries. Learn more about cemetery services in the region including related fees.

Garbage Collection

The RMWB collects residential garbage and recycling in most neighbourhoods. Learn more about the garbage collection schedule and what you can do to keep garbage collection running smoothly.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is a normal task undertaken by the RMWB each year to prevent sediment from building up in the fire hydrant lines. This in turn ensures the highest water quality for our residents and ensures that the hydrants are in good working order for any emergency situation that my arise. Learn more about hydrant flusing in the region and what you can expect.


Learn about the municipality's responsibilities and yours when it comes to water services, metering and sewer in the region. Be sure to dispose of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in a proper manner to help keep sewer lines clear and prevent costly damages.

FLOOD RECOVERY: Information and resources