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Animal Waste


In response to COVID-19, some changes have been made to landfill operations and curbside collection. Find information on changes to curbside collection here.

Considering our cuddly companions

Parks are for everyone in our communities. That’s why it’s important to remember who else will be using parks and greenspaces, and to clean up after using these areas. Your cooperation will help keep our parks safe and beautiful for everyone – from puppies to preschoolers.  

Pets are wonderful companions, but did you know that animal waste carries disease? Seems obvious, right?  

Think about it in this way: you’re at the park with your puppy, and like most adorable doggies, they sometimes leave behind a doodie. Would you let your children play where Fido has left some animal waste? Or would you be a good neighbour, and pick up that doodie and dispose of it properly? 

How to dispose of animal waste 

There are a few options for proper disposal of animal waste: 

  1. Double bag your animal waste and put it into a park garbage bin. (Household bags and boxes of animal waste are not accepted in park bins. Residents dumping household waste in park bins are subject to fines.) 
  2. Keep that pet waste and put it in a Green Cone composter (see more info about Green Cones below or find out more about composting at  
  3. Double-bag your animal waste and take it to the municipal landfill located 8.5 km south on Highway 63. 

Curbside collection – Animal waste 

Did you know that animal waste is not permitted in your curbside collection service? Animal waste is harmful to our municipal curbside collectors and it’s unpleasant – and unhealthy – when left in public places (e.g., curbside garbage bins, along the trails, or near schools).

As noted above, residents need to double-bag animal waste and take it to the municipal landfill located 8.5 km south on Highway 63.

Off-leash dog parks 

Did you know there are four off-leash dog parks across Fort McMurray? These space are specifically designed for your furry friends, with bags and bins provided. Find a list of dog parks here: Parks & Outdoor Recreation Areas

What exactly is animal waste? 

Animal waste includes fecal matter, kitty litter, soiled wood chips or newspapers. 

Green Cones – Digester/Composter 

The landfill sells Green Cones, which retail for $90 and allows you to safely compost animal waste. Although animal waste compost can’t be used for edible gardens, it can be safely used to fertilize trees and shrubs. 

For more information, call Pulse at 780-743-7000 or visit


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