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Landfill and Recycling Centre Tours

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Make a landfill and recycling centre tour part of your classroom curriculum or a learning opportunity for your organization. View the landfill and visit our recycling center to learn more about what happens to your trash and recycled materials.

A tour begins with a walk around the public drop off area. It then moves inside to the Materials Recovery Center where we can view the recycling process. The bus then travels around the landfill while a trained guide shows guests exactly what happens after garbage leaves their homes.

Before scheduling a landfill tour, please consider the following:

  • Tours of the RMWB Landfill can be scheduled throughout the work week depending on tour guide availability.
  • Tours last approximately one hour.
  • Tours are free.
  • Tours are conducted year round from the safety of a bus.
  • Your school or organization will provide the transportation.
  • The weather must clear for a landfill tour. RMWB reserves the right to cancel tours when precipitation causes slippery road conditions or other safety concerns.
  • As a safety precaution, all tour participants must be at least seven years old.
  • Groups must have at least 10 tour participants. We will attempt to accommodate individuals and smaller groups by adding them to other smaller groups.
  • Due to popularity, we recommend you book to schedule at least one month in advance.

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