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Utility Rate Increases

Following Council's approval of the Utility Rates Bylaw amendment in June 2017, residents will see an increase to their Municipal utility fees as of September 1, 2017.

This will include a 10% increase to utility fees and a $14/month curbside recycling charge to be incorporated into user fees where those services exist. An increase to landfill fees will also take place on September 1.

Utility Rate Increase: September 1, 2017

Why are my utility rates going up?

The Municipality is currently offering its Environmental Services utilities (water, wastewater and solid waste services) to residents at a highly discounted rate. This discount, coupled with decreasing industrial use of Municipal Services, has made current utility rates unsustainable. This adjustment to the utility rates is needed so these services can be sustainable into the future.

For solid waste services, the Municipality has only been charging for waste collection and disposal; residents have not been charged for curbside recycling services, which have been provided since 2013.

The increase to Municipal utility fees is the first step in moving towards a "Direct Cost Recovery" (utility pricing to cover direct operational costs of municipal services) within five years, followed by "Full Cost Recovery" through subsequent years.

Is this the only time my utility rates will increase?

Utility rates may be subject to change, as Council has agreed to direct cost recovery and eventual full cost recovery for utility services.

What are the new municipal landfill fee changes?

As of September 1, rates at the landfill will be:

  • Residential waste: $55.00/MT, with a minimum payment of $11 per visit.
  • Front Load Garbage Trucks: $82.50/MT
  • Construction, demolition, renovation and regular solid waste: $93.50/MT
  • NEW: Mattresses and box springs: $20 each (regardless of size)

For further information, please contact PULSE at 780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse.

All Winter Maintenance Zones are relaxed until further notice.