FOG - Fat, Oil and Grease
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FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)

Get Out of the FOG

Whether you are a business owner or a resident, FOG can affect you. Find out more on how you can manage FOG and protect your investment:

Residential FOG Program

Commercial Business FOG Program

FOG Trouble Pictured

FOG: From sinks to sewer

From sink to sewer. [Click for larger view]

FOG: Sewer blockage formation

How blockages form. [Click to enlarge]

An overview of FOG

What is FOG, Anyway?

Fat, oil and grease (FOG) are by-products of cooking at home and in commercial businesses and are often part of our everyday routine. FOG can be found in meats, food scraps, baked goods, sauces, gravy, lard, margarine, butter, salad dressing and dairy products.

FOG management practices have a huge impact on the environment, our homes, businesses and infrastructure that is vital to our community.

Improper disposal of FOG has become a costly issue as thousands of kilograms are poured down drains throughout the region. The increasing problem is that improperly disposed of FOG can build up in sewer systems, creating clogged pipes, backups, overflows and odour problems. This results in costly repairs for residents, businesses and the Municipality. There are significant environmental impacts associated with improper management and disposal of FOG.


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