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How to read your Water Meter

The Water Utility will read your water meter for billing purposes, but should you wish to monitor your consumption,here's how:

  • Shine a flashlight over the flashlight icon(located on the register) to activate the LCD display *
  • Take a reading at a set time of the day
  • Take a 2nd reading at the same time the next day
  • The difference between the two readings is your daily water consumption

*Note: when the register display is first activated via a flashlight, all icons will be briefly displayed followed by firmware information. The register display will then toggle (every 4 seconds) displaying the reading and the flow rate.The flow rate is per minute. When the display indicates "RATE" , the flow rate is being displayed.

Leek Indicator
Displays a possible leak

  • OFF - indicates no leaks
  • Flashing- Water usage for more than 50% of time in 24 period,
  • Continuous ON - there is most likely a leak in your home

LCD Screen

The LCD figure displays your meter reading in cubic metres. The last 4 digits are decimal points.
(e.g - 26.3987 cubic metres)
(decimal will be displayed)

Flow indicator
Displays direction of water flow

  • ON - Water in use
  • OFF - Water not in use
  • Flashing - Water is running slowly
  • (-)- indicates reverse flow
  • (+) - indicates forward flow

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