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Census 2018

Census 2018 was conducted in the RMWB between April 9 and July 31, 2018.The comprehensive report establishes a new, accurate and reliable overview of the region’s population and housing.

Key findings include: 

  • Census 2018 recorded an overall population of 111,687, which is a decrease of 10.67 percent over the 2015 population of 125,032.
  • The total permanent population is 75,000. 
  • The total shadow population is 36,678. 
  • The Urban Service Area continues to maintain the dominant share (67.7%) of Wood Buffalo’s total population.
  • All urban neighbourhoods and rural communities, apart from Gregoire, Parsons Creek, Saline Creek and Fort McKay, experienced a decrease in population.
  • Wood Buffalo has a young population, with slightly over 47% of the population between the ages of 20 and 44.
  • There are more males (54.9%) than females (45.1%).
  • The total number of dwelling units in Wood Buffalo is 28,281.

What is a census?

The census is a count of the people living in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. We conduct a municipal census every two to three years to determine our total population size, as well as other characteristics of our population. The most recent census was conducted in 2015.

Why is the census important?

Obtaining accurate population information through a census count is important for a variety of reasons.

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How will my participation benefit my community?

For each person counted in the municipal census, the Municipality receives more than $200 in grant money from the Province of Alberta and the federal government.

Between 2015 and 2017, the Municipality received over $80 million from the Municipal Sustainability Fund. This funding supported the following projects:

  • Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Rural Water and Sewer Servicing
  • Urban Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Construction of the Southwest Water Supply Line (Phase 1)
  • Anzac Wastewater Treatment Plant and Effluent Pipeline

The Municipality received almost $20 million from the Federal Gas Tax Fund. This funding supported the following projects:

  • Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass
  • MacKenzie Blvd Lift Station

Quality Assurance Check

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo must also conduct a Quality Assurance check, as required by law from the Alberta Provincial Government Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Planning and Development staff will contact residents at random to confirm the address of the dwelling and how many people live in the home.

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