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Street Banner Program

The annual Street Banner Program is an opportunity for residents to submit their artwork for the chance to be selected to grace our streets with colour and style. The Municipality typically runs this program in the spring and winter. A panel of volunteer community judges select pieces of artwork to be featured on municipal street banners on Franklin Ave. and Thickwood Blvd.

2018 Spring Art Banner Program

The 2018 Spring Street Banner Program theme is Pollination and Flowers. Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork and congratulations to the artists whose pieces were chosen:

  • Dhruva Maru
  • Mahek Lunagaria
  • Nirva Mehta
  • Tetyana Tainsh
  • Melissa Hansen
  • Aashini Selvam
  • Jenesta Alexander
  • Hannah Duffy
  • Brandie Fudge
  • Adeline Tainsh

For more information, please contact beautification@rmwb.ca.