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Garbage Collection

Solid waste collection crews will soon begin installing RFID tags (radio-frequency identification) on to curbside collection bins. Find out more about the tags and the program and how they can benefit you at

Your Collection Schedule

Type your address into the Garbage & Recycling Calendar to find your collection schedule.

Back Alley Collection

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Bin there. Done that.

Trash Talk Episode One: Placing Your Bins for Curbside Collection

Welcome to Trash Talk!

In this episode of Trash Talk, we discuss proper bin placement to ensure efficient collection of your curbside garbage and recycling! You can find more information on curbside garbage and recycling, including the collection calendar and collection guidelines, at

We discuss proper bin placement to ensure efficient collection of your curbside garbage and recycling!

You can type your address into our Garbage and Recycling Calendar to find your collection date and calendar.

Garbage Collection Schedules

To look up the garbage collection day for your address, please use the Garbage & Recycling Calendar.

Updates to curbside collection : January 21, 2019

Beginning the week of Jan. 21, curbside collection weekdays for approximately 2,000 residences in Fort McMurray will change from either Wednesday to Tuesday, or from Thursday to Wednesday.

Customer service is the Municipality’s priority, and these updates to curbside collection will improve both efficiency and effectiveness.

Watch your mailbox

Letters outlining the update have been sent to residences that are identified for the change. Watch your mailbox for the notice.

Residences not identified as part of the update will not receive letters, and will not experience any change to their current service.

List of affected residences

Residents can view the online calendar at Garbage & Recycling Calendar to check if your residence is included in the change. Residents can also plan ahead for curbside collection by contacting Pulse at 780-743-7000 to confirm if their residence is part of the update.

The following is list of streets identified for this curbside collection update:

22 streets to change from Wednesday to Tuesday:

Cedar Street Huckleberry Street
Chestnut Way Juniper Street
Chokecherry Place Malcolm Bay
Crab Apple Way McInnes Street
Elderberry Street  McKinlay Crescent 
Elm Bay McTavish Crescent
Elm Street Mitchell Drive
Fir Street Morgan Avenue
Fireweed Crescent Mountain Aves Crescent
Hawthorn Way Walnut Crescent

Honeysuckle Way

Walnut Place  

32 streets to change from Thursday to Wednesday:

Becker Bay Farrell Bay
Becker Crescent Farrell Cove
Berard Crescent  Farrell Crescent
Boisvert Place Fullerton Drive
Bourque Bay Kennedy Bay
Britnell Road Kennedy Crescent
Burry Road Leigh Crescent
Burton Place MacLaren Bay
Bussieres Drive MacLaren Crescent
Clenell Bay McConachie Crescent
Clenell Crescent Oaks Bay
Cruickshank Bay Oaks Crescent
Cruickshank Road Parameter Bay
Dickins Close Parameter Crescent
Dickins Drive Torrie Bay
Eglert Drive Torrie Crescent

Winter Curbside Collection Tips

  • Curbside collection bins must be at the street by 7:30 a.m. on your collection day. Your bins will not be collected if they aren't to the curbside by 7:30 a.m.
  • Ensure bins are on the road side of the windrow. Not on the snow banks.
  • Bins need to be three feet from vehicles, and one foot of space between each bin. See bin placement graphic below for details. Bin there, done that.
  • Brush the snow off your bins when placing them at the curb. Crews can better see your bins, which will help with a smooth collection process.

 These tips will help crews to safely and efficiently collect your bins every week.


Phone: 780-743-7000
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Bin There, Done That

Bin Placement

Post-Curbside Collection Checklist

Tips for getting your curbside waste/recycling picked up on time, every time.

Curbside Collection